Lacy Phillips


CLEANSER | I oil cleanse daily with Nucifera. A bit about it here. In the morning I warm it in my palms and preform a lymphatic massage with it on my face for about 2 minutes. Then I wear it in the shower so that the steam can penetrate the oils and pull out nasty debris. It's really is magical. It also is basically a facial in a jar when you wear it during a really hot 30 minute epsom salt bath.  The next day is nothing but glows. 

MOISTURIZER + TONER | I use Evan Healy's Whipped Shea Butter with Olive oil for nighttime moisture, and for the perfect toning mist, I apply their Rose Geranium Facial Hydrosol as it kills any bacteria on the face, pH balances it, and locks in a solid amount of moisture for my dry skin.  This company has such insanely wonderful products and is way too underrated in my opinion.  Everything I've ever tried has been divinely effective. 

SERUM | before applying the whipped Shea Butter, I add two drops of Odacite Neroli Serum to the shea for deep, anti-aging moisture.  Plus, the scent is beyond!

SPF | I discovered John Master's Organic SPF 30, and it's topped all the others. 

LIP | honestly, from La Mer to Rodin, because of its ultra moisturizing, smooth and coating texture, EOS is my favorite lip balm (especially in this dry season). Our house looks like Easter with one in every corner.  And they are basically free.