New Years Eve | skills


Resolutions can be daunting and promote lack which ultimately lead to failure, so every NYE I pick two skills that I want to nurture in the following year to add to the richness of this super rad thing I call life. Rather than something superficial like losing weight, I deem to resolve nothing but adding more positive expanding skills to my list.

The formula goes as such; pick two interests I’ve been incredibly curious about. List them as well as three manageable ways to go about achieving them.


LOOMING | weaving + looming

+ Enroll in the intermediate to advance loom weaving class beginning on January 24 at Barnsdall Art Center.

+ Buy home loom loom kit or small machine.

+ Join a loom circle. if I can’t find one, create one in my community that meets monthly.

FRENCH | expand my vocabulary and become conversational

+Anytime I’m in my car I listen to my digital French course.

+Commit to speaking only French with my partner and his mother who are fluent.

+Watch one French movie every two weeks.


Have a merry, safe and magical night manifesting and kissing under this new moon. Happy 2014 you incredibly beautiful souls.