Manifestation | F+N Guide

Manifestation. Magic. Hippism. Call it what you want but it’s a life changer. Let’s get real honest and basic about the ways to manifest anything into your life. The basics—no funny documentaries or lengthy, pricey books. Here is the "how" to make it happen. Trust me, I’m the queen at it.

MAKE A LIST | Be specific.  Whatever it is you want, write it out. Make it detailed.

SUPER JAZZED | after you write this, be super jazzed for it to come to you. Jump up and down with excitement. See yourself with, in, doing it.

LET IT GO | it’s already coming to you because now you fully believe that it is, down to your bones. Any hint of doubt and see it later. You have to be ready for it and really know it is on its way.

BE FEARLESS | if you asked for a certain relationship, don’t settle until it is the one. If you do settle, it won’t come until you’ve learned to be fearless. If you asked for a certain job, don’t settle until you get the one. Even if crazy awesome—but not perfect—opportunities arise, DON’T take them. Get it?

LIVE IN GRATITUDE | Everyday. Take a moment three times a day to list off and feel with all your heart five things you are grateful for. To make this easy, do it at meal times. Literally ANYTHING. It could be for the new hat you just got down to the food you’re eating. This elevates your energy and keeps you in a vibe that is one of gratitude. EVERYTHING just starts coming to you when you are in a grateful vibration.

KEEP IT POSITIVE | again, if you want to remain in the vibration of gratitude, you can’t achieve this with negative thoughts. When these start to come to you, don’t stress out, just start listing off things you are grateful for and really feel the gratitude.

BAM. It’s truly that simple. Call me nuts, but this is how I’ve learned to live my life and everything comes my way. Not one of these steps is more important than another. They all need to be aligned and balanced—like anything else. If you fully believe in something and have really learned all the lessons you needed to be fearless, while living a super grateful life, the world is your oyster.