Desiree Pais often pens this space with wisdom regarding current Lunar Cycles.  Today she introduces us to her personal line of skin alchemy, Benshen.  With their aromatic scents, pure ingredients, and medicinal formulas, I can't get enough of them.  Sit back and get ready to meet your new favorite line. 

D | Benshen means 'Root of the Spirit' in Chinese. Too often we focus on the symptom when imbalances in the body arise. We mistake the signs as our body rebelling against us, when actually, we are the ones declaring war against the one body we'll ever have. We've been taught to think of our bodies as our enemies rather than the vessel which supports our spirit - the radiance within us that is absolutely unique and lights the way towards our dreams. 

Last year, I came to a rock-bottom revelation that if I am attacking my skin and my body, of course it's going to fight back. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay talks about how acne and skin conditions arises out of a dislike of the self, of inner-anger. This made so much sense as I had learned that anger is one of the quickest ways to disrupt the endocrine system - our hormonal system, and most women struggle with hormonal imbalance - which can lead to chronic acne. This was the case for me. I realized that my body is not actually my enemy, for it’s my best friend that is warning me when something is going on. 

I decided to change my relationship to my skin, by declaring peace. I chose to stop attacking it with harsh products and create a ritual of love, a ritual of nourishment, and a ritual of utmost kindness to my beautiful body. Out of this revelation launched Benshen, an all-natural skincare line that focuses on the idea of creating mind-body healing rituals to let our bodies know that we are here to support them as they support us on our journeys. All blends are handmade, small-batch, and created with utmost care. Here are a few of the incredible alchemies of the brand: 

Serum 1 | This was the first blend I ever made. I created this out of the desire to make something that was not only nourishing, but also rich in antioxidants to help heal and protect the skin. The blend has a base of sweet almond oil, jojoba oilolive oil for a natural source of squalene, evening primrose for rich Essential Fatty Acids and elements that heal hormonal imbalance, sea buckthorn for a powerful dose of antioxidants, rosehipscarrot seed oil for a potent infusion of Vitamin A and cellular regeneration, lavender, and blue chamomile for soothing inflammation and gentle healing. 

Serum 2 | Serum No.2 is a very healing blend with ingredients such as helichrysum, which is one of my favorites for its remarkable healing abilities, and carrot seed oil for cellular regeneration. It has lavender, which deeply soothes inflammation and calms the Nervous System, and sesame oil amongst the base oils, which is considered to be a holy oil of ancient times and also protects against the suns effects. This serum was alchemized to heal marks left behind after blemishes 

Rose + Aloe | Rose has been used for thousands of years to invoke beauty. Aloe is one of my favorite ingredients to use internally and externally. It's energetic nature is cooling, meaning it powerfully soothes redness + inflammation. I created this because I wanted to feel beauty being sprayed onto my skin, to have a gentle touch healing the wounds I had created. 

Floral Salts | I discovered the magic of Magnesium Sulfate, or epsom salts, while I was studying with Daoist Grandmaster Sung Baek. He recommended the salts for many ailments and I figured, if it can heal all of that, I wonder what it can do for your skin. As I started to experiment with it, I learned that unlike sea salt which can be very abrasive and too drying, Magnesium will actually profoundly soften the skin and gently heal blemishes. It literally makes your skin like a baby’s butt! I blend the salt with Rose Petals to activate our bodies inner-beauty to radiate from within to out and Cornflowersfor their absolute divine smell and to soothe inflammation.