Tests From The Universe

Some believe that the universe sends tests to see if we are truly ready for what we are seeking.  I personally have received these tests in my life after I've drafted my list.  For instance, say I've asked for x, y, and z; however, x, y, and P show up.  One can call this a test. 

When coaching clients, I try to steer them away from the hard notion of believing in such as an actual test itself.  Rather, I encourage them to view this item/person/opportunity showing up in their life - that is very close but slightly less than what one has asked for - as a direct mirror of the vibration they are exuding.  

In fact, not only do I view this as their vibrational attraction, but also as an evident sign that they are getting closer to receiving exactly what they are seeking.  So what do you do if you receive this test or vibrational twin that isn't in exact alignment with your very specific request? 

JOY |  rather than focussing on how this test isn't what you are seeking exactly, it is important to fill that experience and moment with joy.  Utter happiness and joy that you are closer to receiving exactly what you are requesting.  And that this particular test is one more unlocked door before arriving to your perfect room.  

GRATITUDE |  really sitting in the confidence of knowing that you will arrive or connect  with what you are seeking, and being grateful for the journey taking you there.  No matter what test or vibration may come your way.  Gratitude for all that you have and the infinite excitement to come. 

RECEIVE |  open space effortlessly and happily to receive exactly what you are seeking.  This may take a bit of visualization, meditation, mantras, or repetition.  But it will open, and you will receive. 

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