My Story

Row of Crystals

I intuitively began harnessing the power of manifestation at the very ripe age of eighteen.  For my summer job, I sat as a secretary at my stepmother’s title company in central California creating my reality.  I wrote down on a piece of paper that by October of that year I would not go to college, for I’d take only $2,000, move to Los Angeles, by the Ocean, get a fancy job, and follow my passions instead.  By September my uncle offered me $2,000, I got an apartment in Marina Del Rey, and I hosted for three months at a restaurant in Venice. 

Across the street was a vfx house designed by a notable architect that did visual effects for the likes of Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.  Parking for work one day, I looked in the window of this vfx house and told the universe that I’d be working there by January.  In December I sat the executive assistant at her table, she offered me an interview with the executive producer, and I began working there January 4th. 

By age twenty-three, I really started to connect the dots as to when things I asked for materialized and when they did not.  Why certain things came faster and others took months to years.  Once I figured out that I had the ultimate control over what came, and quicker rather than later, based on my beliefs, feelings, and trust, I really started to put nearly everything into The Universe’s hand. 

And ultimately when I manifested the absolute impossible one-day, I knew I had managed to organized my proper technique of calling anything I desired into my life.  (If you’re a client, you’ve certainly heard this event.)  I was twenty-three in Vegas visiting a love while his band was on tour. It dawned on me that he and all of his band mates lived in really good deals in Los Angeles (I call this seeing a realm of possibility through another’s reality thus creating a sense of belief in yourself).  They enjoyed a total sense of financial freedom while they followed their art, and I was throwing away loads of money on an expensive place that kept me financially tight. That Sunday driving back through the Mojave Desert, alone, I started listing to The Universe everything I desired in my new spot.  “A guesthouse in the hills, under $500/mth, hardwood floors or Spanish tile, woodsy, quiet, Echo Park...”  When I woke up the next morning, I told The Universe – with complete belief and conviction – “Today we are finding my new space.”

I drove all day through the hills (Laurel, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Feliz) to no avail.  Early evening rolled around and I asked the universe, “send me a sign of where to look next.” Heading east, a bit zoned out (I consider this between conscious and subconscious awareness – a meditative state), a guy I knew briefly, a few years earlier, popped into my mind.  He had this unbelievably epic deal in the Echo Park hills that fit my exact list; however, the only adjustment was that the rent was $325/ mth (unimaginable in Los Angeles).  I text him to feel out the space, and he told me he was moving to Chicago in two weeks. 

Now the things I manifest are on a more serious and grander scale.  When I'm in alignment through thoughts, beliefs, energy and trust, they continually materialize, quickly.  And each time, I’m still filled with copious amounts of gratitude.  It is during the times that I didn’t have concrete clarity of what I wanted miserable jobs, relationships, friendships, financial debt, and gloomy times filled the space instead. Or it is when I have blocks, such as deep beliefs that I truly don’t deserve what I’m asking for, that I have to do the work, heal those and get into alignment with my desire.

We truly are 100% able to create our reality, and our reality is 100% a reflection of our beliefs, energy, and level of trust. That is why I’ve extended my technique and guidance beyond my family, friends, and private clients, and opened it up to my stunning community.  If you are feeling stuck, negative, in lack, or simply can’t take flight, I very much look forward to connecting.  The world is your oyster.