Unique Subjects Vs. Identical Subjects


Last week, I touched on focusing on your micro manifested subject rather than your macro. This week, I’m going to get even more specific about calling in with clarity.

You can and can’t call in a very specific subject when it comes to manifestation. Let me elaborate. A lot of the books (if you were like me) that we read pertaining to manifestation lead us to believe that we could manifest the exact person we already knew or home we drive by and want. When it comes to those specific subjects, they must be your “seeing is believing to create your list from.

However, when manifesting items that are identical, come in multiples, and are quite accessible, you can call in those exact subjects.

UNIQUE SUBJECTS | when it comes to manifesting subjects that are one of a kind, it is important to not call in that exact thing/person you already know, for they are a beautiful seeing Is believing that allows you to craft you list of “core wants” based on the qualities you love in the subject you already know.

Let’s apply the example to manifesting a partner.  Say you already know of this man or woman that you think is the one! You pine for them, obsess over them, and are convinced that you are 100% destine to be with one another. So you get in touch with me because you want to manifest them. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way! And I’ll straighten you out of this really quickly!! If you were meant to be with them, the flow would be effortless and you would be with them.

The Universe brings these people, homes, jobs, trips, and more into our lives for us to have a structure to create a clear list around. They are literally your seeing Is believing. They help you see the exact qualities you want, so that your subconscious can clearly and effectively grasp exactly what it is that you want in order to communicate that to The Universe.

** Now there have been very few people I know that have later gotten the exact thing they wanted. That is because it was divine and they were meant to, and therefore it divinely happened. However, I’d say that it happens about 1% of the time, usually without effort.

IDENTICAL SUBJECTS | however, when it comes to subjects that are identical, accessible (within your belief system), and have a large count of multiples, you can absolutely manifest that exact subject. This goes for clothes, bikes, cars, shoes, tickets, home-goods, and the list goes on. You can absolutely call in that exact item. Make sure to be specific on your list: color, size, and any other little extra details that matter to you.

Regardless of what you’re manifesting, may it be a unique subjects or an identical subject, it’s important that they are 100% within you belief’s reach. If they are not, it is important to do the work to remove low self worth, limiting beliefs, and expand your belief system. For that, I look forward to connecting with you over a session

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