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Edit Your List Manifestation

My Manifestation formula begins with clarity, and next a list. I’m often asked, by clients, what to do regarding the list once it’s written?


“Should I hang it somewhere where I’ll see it often?”

No. That is yet another Manifestation superstition.

Once you have cast your list clearly, without ego, your manifested subject is already in motion to you. The purpose for writing down all the ideas you have in your head is for your subconscious mind to see it itemized, detailed, and clearly (complete). You needn’t visualize (though feel free to if that helps you feel in control), and you needn’t look at it often.

Now that your list is cast, you need to focus on seeing is believings, doing the work to shift your limiting beliefs, grow your low self-worth, and pass lessons and tests. Those are what actually magnetize your subject(s) towards you.

However, one element of the list is important, editing it. You can always edit your list when needed. Or you can simply draft a new edited list when needed.

Say you’ve been manifesting a partner. You’ve expanded your beliefs around this relationship, you’ve passed the heavy lifting tests, and your list showed up seeming to have everything you asked for. Then you realized that you didn’t actually want a, b, or c, you can go back and edit your list.

Or let’s say it’s been a few months since you cast your list and you’ve shifted you consciousness a bit and realize that you would rather have x, y, z instead, then edit your list. When you edit your list, you are communicating your altered wants and needs clearly to The Universe.

I edit my list anytime I shift my wants. Sometimes that means scratching out a few details and replacing them with others. Sometimes that means scratching something all together. Or sometimes that means adding something entirely new to a list I already have.

You can’t do any wrong. It’s all very intuitive.

The most important thing to remember is to itemize your core wants on your list and leave out the fluff. Add the elements you absolutely need and let The Universe fill in the empty details. 

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