Intuitive Contact

Lacy Phillips


Intuition articles have splashed about this journal for years. As of recent, you’ve read about it a lot lately regarding how intuition is one’s direct conversation with The Universe – especially when you are seeking clarity from The Universe about what to call in specifically.

However, it goes much deeper than that. Intuition also serves as your red light, yellow light, and green light when manifesting - especially once subjects begin showing up. Many of which will be tests or lessons before you receive exactly what you’ve called in (or better). But how does intuition play a role?

Have you ever begun dating someone that is nearly everything on your list, but you had small intuitive pings of red flags, or simply that it isn’t the perfect fit? Have you interviewed for that job that was your list, however when walking around the facility you had intuitive pings that nobody in the environment was happy? Have you been thinking to move to another city, forcing which one it should be, while getting intuitive signals to slow down and reconfigure where you are divinely meant to move?


Living at the grace of our intuitive leads is very counterintuitive in our society, for our society conditions us to follow a very distinct roadmap. But tapping back into exactly what our intuition is signaling to us will take us down the most divine, unique, and prosperous journey.

INTUITIVE CONTACT | how does intuition make contact with us? Many ways. Through dreams, goose bumps, a general “feeling” about something, literal messages or thoughts, and even through other people (when you aren’t listening to the times it’s tried making contact with you).

CONTINUAL CONTACT | the beauty about your intuition is the very thing I said before, it is always making contact. Just because you may not have caught the dream, doesn’t mean that intuition will stop alerting you about the very subject it’s trying to communicate. Intuition is subtle like energy. It will keep subtly communicating with you through various forms. Because we aren’t quite taught to listen to our intuition – or more importantly use it as our everyday compass – it takes time to fine tune and trust.

I ALWAYS have clients that had intuitive feelings but didn’t follow them, and ALWAYS say in hindsight, I intuitively knew it. What I want to cover today is tapping into your intuition when lessons and tests show up. Your intuition is literally your guardian angel (direct communication from the divine).

Example: recently I had a very dear and magical client of mine - that has grown exponentially since we first began working together in April - meet what appeared to be her list. Down to very specific detail. They really hit it off at first. Then she started having intuitive pings that it wasn’t the right romantic fit for her. But she didn’t tap into them entirely. She followed my dating rules swimmingly, which are designed to weed out the lessons and tests. When he expressed, in a honest communicative way, that he didn’t think they were the right romantic fit (which she intuitively felt as well), she was upset. We had to curb this right away, for my Manifestation work takes a different type of goggles than normal ego everyday life. He and the experience signaled a lot about her:

-She’s now attracting a whole different elevated vibration, kind of guy, and dating experience into her life rather than the ones she was attracting before. This means her vibration has raised exponentially - to be attracting it.

-Because he was SO close to her list and he was also kind and honest (complete opposite from her NYC dating experiences before), he was a “seeing is believing”, which means her actual fit and list are very close.

-Her lesson to learn here, which she pointed out right away, is to really truly tap into her intuition and intuitive pings. They are subtle but they are always, always right on.

TRUSTING INTUITIVE COMMUNICATION | what if I can’t tell when my intuition is right, or off, or ego? It’s a very fine dance to learn when your intuition is communicating to you rather than ego, fear, or low self-worth. I encourage clients to keep an intuitive journal. On their phone is fine. ANYTIME their intuition comes through in the day no matter how little or big, I like them to write it down in a journal. Then I like them to look back in a month or two to see how accurate it was and when.  You’ll start to learn the difference in your body, energy, and feelings when your intuition is communicating rather than ego, fear, or low self worth. This is a great thing to keep for six months to fine tune your communication with your intuition.   

AGAIN & AGAIN | when using your intuition as the main tool in navigating Manifestation Tests or Lessons, it’s important to realize that like the notion, “no one is your friend, no one is your enemy: everyone is your teacher”, even if you don’t make the choice your intuition was guiding you to make, it won’t backfire on you. Nothing is ruined. You’ll simply receive a similar lesson or test soon until the lesson is learned or test is passed. Once you’ve passed or learned it, on you’ll go closer to the subject you’re calling in.

For those looking to Manifest, fine-tune their Manifestation practice, or find clarity around their specific circumstances, I so look forward to connecting over a session (or at my workshops).

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