How Many Subjects Should I be Manifesting At Once • Manifestation

Lacy Phillips

A question that is asked at every single workshop, lecture, and at least once a week – by a client – is, “what if I have quite a few things I want to manifest right now? Is it greedy to ask for a lot of different subjects on my list?”

I always answer with, “That sounds like a great 3-4 page list in your journal to me.”

If one has clarity on the subjects that they are wanting to call in, and they aren’t asking out of ego, they can list off as many subjects as they’d like. You guys have seen my completed lists (more to come). I simply list off all the subjects that I’m clearly calling in at any given time.

Truly, As a physical being, on the physical plane, one can have anything they physically want or need as long as their beliefs are expanded enough to receive. Cast all the clear subjects you'd like. Add and edit your list anytime you like. You have my full blessing.

And then, the work begins…

For those looking for guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session

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