10 Notes For Your Manifestation Journal

Last week, I had the honor of being a guest on one of the raddest podcasts in wellness right now, Almost 30. I spoke a lot about manifestation, myself, my first manifestations, the work, and the key elements we manifest from. Here are some short notes worth taking down in your manifestation journals. I highly recommend listening to the episode here in order to get the far more expanded explanations and personal stories! 


i. During Saturn Return, we need to learn all the lessons and pass all the tests that we are consciously aware of so that they don't show up again in our next cycle. Consult with Daniele Beinstein (my astrologer) on this!

ii. The universe's only intention for us is to grow into our most whole, authentic, being. 

iii. Through pain and shame, we create limiting beliefs that exist in our subconscious. They loop in our limbic subconscious brain, and that's where we can find the blocks keeping us from connecting with our manifestations. 

iv. If we're not expanded around what we are calling in, then we have to go find Expanders to expand through mirror neurons what is possible for us in the subconscious. It's not about visualizing. You literally have to go out and see to believe. 

v. We receive lessons and tests from The Universe. The U. will send us a lesson to mirror where we are small subconsciously in order to reflect what needs shifting. (you can do this in UNBLOCKED)

vi. Everything is a lesson in life. No one is your friend or enemy. Everyone is your teacher. 

vii. Three elements that mean the world in manifestation, expanding to create space for your manifestation. Unblocking to get rid of what is standing in the way subconsciously, And then passing tests from The Universe in order to connect with your subject. 

Viii. Beginning to identify in our lives patterns that are showing up that don't feel good is the first way to start discovering limiting beliefs in our subconscious. Which you learn in UNBLOCKED and THE FORMULA & MAGNETISM workshop. 

ix. The energetics of "NO" (passing tests) are far more important than the sound current of no. The action of releasing fully, and no longer settling for small is far more important than saying "no".

x. When we reprogram our subconscious limiting beliefs, the world just shows up differently to us. When we grow where we are small on a subconscious level, bigger opportunities show up. 

I've been working hard on creating THE FORMULA & MAGNETISM VIDEO workshop and UNBLOCKED Opulence so that you can have both before the New Year. 2018 is going to be incredible! I'm so excited to provide these for you in order to set the tone for your manifestations next year! 

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