Ego • Manifestation

If ego is what is driving your manifestations and intentions, that is why you are not receiving. You simply can’t manifest out of ego. One, or both, of two things will happen: you won’t receive what you’re calling in, and/or you will receive one of the biggest lessons that you need in order to direct you back onto your aligned and authentic path.

Example, my early twenties were riddled with a lot of manifestation mistakes. I was calling in far too large of subjects that my beliefs weren’t nearly expanded enough for, as I was focused on macro subjects rather than micro subjects. I spent far too much time worrying about shifting my thoughts to positive ones rather than actively expanding my beliefs. I was focused on visualizing what I wanted rather than doing the work to shifting my low self-worth, lack, and limiting beliefs (which ruled me). And to top it all off, my subjects were solely ego driven.   

Guess what was materializing, certainly not what I was calling in; and a whole bunch of lessons and tests. When I look back on those lists, they break my heart. Every subject was an effort to receive validation from someone else. It makes me want to hug my younger self and tell her how insanely authentic and special she truly was. And how she needed to stop spending so much time forcing something that wasn’t her divine path, take a look at herself, heal and integrate herself, and lean into the flow of her own authenticity instead.  

First up, was none other than fame, so that my parents and family would finally eat all their words of discouragement over my choice to follow art and expression over academia. On an even deeper level, it was an effort to receive their love and everyone else’s’.

Career success, so that I could feel worthy, finally, for having (not) dealt with so much rejection.

A TV show so that I could buy a house in the hills. I mean, the list embarrassingly goes on and on.

When it comes to my practice, my clients and workshop collective often hear me say, “I’m very lenient on what the term ego means. In some capacity or another, everything we are calling in has an ego-centric prerogative, so I’m not suggesting that you become a monk in the Himalayas; However, let’s review what you’re calling in and I can very quickly navigate whether healthy ego or negative ego is inspiring your subjects (for you individually).”

If your manifestation subjects haven’t been coming through, take stock of this story and see how much of it relates with where you currently are. For those looking for guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session

For those that have realized manifested subjects, drop us a line with your story for our #NATIVEmanifestationtribe. I have so many to share from clients that help keep the rest of us in an energy of collective magnetism and support.

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