This dress made my week. Very into all things mauve all of the sudden. 

My words over on Herbivore regarding what I believe creates beauty. 

When being a yogi had an erotic air

I spotted this super cute new shop in Malibu on @wendypolish's IG. 

Also, just discovered Faris Jewelry. Have my eye on these earrings and this ring. Update, got the ring. 

Been wanting to give this book a read. 

Does anyone else have really oily nails (so they can't even bother polishing them for it begins chipping instantly)? Well, my dear friend @thebroadplace informed me that J. Hannah's actually lasts!! And it's clean!! Hello a whole new kind of summer color. 

Been listening to Dr. Shefali Tsabary's youtube videos all week due to the recommendation of my Human Design reader @jennazoedaily

Stop it with these grain-free, date-sweetened chocolate chip cookies

So stoked to see you all in the UNBLOCKED digital "NO" workshop round 2 kicking off this Monday! The recognized blocks that came from group one makes my heart burst with so much excitement!!! beyond! 

This was so interesting...slowly, I began to see how so many of my blocks are all so closely weaved together even though they are all so different. Events/people that are blocks from my childhood can be linked to my current blocks of money/job. Huge a-ha moment for me!!
— UNBLOCKED "no" digital workshop

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