Lacy Phillips

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER |  using clean hair product was the very last thing I transitioned in my beauty regime.  Finding a shampoo and conditioner that actually cleansed my hair, sudded up, and didn’t leave it like a limp cardboard box was like finding a needle in the haystack.  At last, I came across Acure.  This company has been divine.  And it’s all I use in way of cleansing.  It’s also crazy affordable compared to the designer chemical brands I was using before. I also rotate between Hairprint as well as this John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner (VERY volumizing).

DEEP MOISTURE TREATMENT | from sacred plant Ayahuasca vine essence to the likes of Babassu oil, this is hands-down the most nourishing and pure hair treatment I’ve ever tried.  And not sort of nourishing or kind of nourishing, but super baby soft, ultra shine nourishing.  I use it once a week with a double cleanse after.  It’s magic.

OIL | I follow each cleanse with a few drops of La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Oil as it extends the time between trims by weeks (I even mix three drops with Sun Potion’s Shea Butter on my face at night for deep moisture).  It locks in amazing moisture and adds wonderful shine.  You won’t stop running your fingers through your hair.

BEACH SPRAY | I absolutely love to replicate the summer waves I naturally get after swimming in the ocean.

DETANGLE BRUSH MASON PEARSON | after each wash, I use this brush to really take out any tangles and manage my mane.

MIXED BRISTLE MASON PEARSON | this brush is a treatment in itself.  I use it between washes (usually around 4 days) to brush my natural oils throughout my hair and massage/exfoliate the scalp to allow for faster, stronger hair growth.

WIDE TOOTH COMB | to part my hair and comb through my homemade treatments and hair masks. 

NETTLE TEA INFUSION | This recipe is the ultimate hair herbal drink.