Lacy Philips

MANIFESTATION | when a tangible item, person, or dream is actualized through the act of aligning one’s beliefs, feelings, energy, and trusting in its realization.


$160 | 60 minutes

During this session, I navigate through your subconscious to uncover the root of blocks, limiting thoughts, lack, and low self-worth.  Through the exploration of old beliefs, we focus on bringing healing and alternative new truths to them.  That parlays into finding micro-clarity of the subject(s) you are looking to call in.  And we finish with a customized daily process and tools, specific to you, to keep you in vibrational alignment with your manifested subject.   


$100 | 45 minutes    •    $118 | 60 minutes

This session is available after you've completed your initial 60 minute session. It's important to allow at least six weeks between sessions to do the work that has been prescribed, and most importantly to see what begins to show up in your life. This is an excellent option for staying on track, unblocked, and supported while aligning with the subjects you are drawing in. 

Appointments are in PST time. 


this formula of Manifestation with promote

Autonomy • Expanded consciousness • Deeper Self-Trust • Clarity • Accountability • New beliefs • Confidence • Peace

With so much jargon and convoluted concepts in the world regarding manifestation such as the simplicity of changing one’s thoughts to bring forth exactly what they desire, Lacy has formulated a more tangible approach.  Realizing that “changing your thoughts” isn’t a switch that is easily turned on, it’s actually a process of recognizing limiting beliefs, getting to the root of their cause, and reprogramming them.  Lacy guides her clients into actualizing their desires by getting down to the upmost clarity of what they are seeking, pinpointing their blocks, detoxifying what isn’t serving them, and giving them action steps as well as tools to shift their energy so they can step into the power of trust and momentum.  



All experience levels are welcome.  One has to be open to the belief that you can 100% create your own reality.  And most importantly, one must be ready to do the work. Upon booking your first session, carve out some quiet time for yourself, meditate, and find clarity around three things you are wanting to call into your life at this moment.  

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All sessions and events are final sale. Refunds not permitted.