NATIVE | living is your personal specialty service for optimal nourishment, holistic living, and inspirational gatherings.

The Native nutritional philosophy is centered on 3 basic principles:

FOOD IS MEDICINE. And it must nourish the body and mind on a bio-diverse, organic, local, probiotic rich, sprouted, mineral dense, cellular level for optimal health and wellness.

FOOD IS ART.  It should be an artistic ritual that will excite your palette while building community.

FOOD IS CHOICE.  One’s choice of basic consumption routines has a powerful effect on our health and on our planet.


We consider our tribe NATIVE folk. A collection of old souls and new dreamers seeking optimal health for body and planet, collectively inspiring our community through the daily acts of native living.

The cycle


The food we consume and the products we use act as our powerful influence towards healthy and sustainable living.  Our choices can cause the shift we need toward a powerful resurrection of the land and its minerals, which in turn keeps the waters cleaner and free of chemicals, thus reducing disease while feeding ones mind and body to promote quality living through the medicinal benefits of nourishment.  Our thoughts about food and future must develop together for the generations to follow.  You are powerful.  You are the shift.  We are NATIVE folk.