I'm so excited to hold space for you during this workshop.  Will you please fill out the questions below. Realize that nobody else will be seeing this information aside from me. And everything you share is received with deep acceptance, safety, support, and zero judgement. The clearer and honest you are, the more energy and blocks we can shift.

Name *
What was the relationship like between your parents? And any other caretakers that raised you? (intimacy, communication, breakups, disagreements). What were their individual relationships like with you?
What traumas did ANY family members on your maternal AND paternal side suffer from that you know of (three generations back: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts)? Did anyone suffer death, abuse, abandonment, addiction, disowned, illnesses, lack of affection, miscarriages/ stillbirths? If so, what ages were they each?
Have you personally suffered any trauma(s) listed above? (From minor to major)
If you were to condense your deepest darkest fear into one sentence, what would it be? It doesn’t have to surround simply relationships. This is your DEEPEST fear on the planet. Don’t sensor yourself. Once you think you’ve reached it, dig a little deeper. Now what is it in one sentence?
Who are you looking to call in, in way of partnership? Serious relationship, business partner, marriage, children. Also what attributes do you seek in this person?
A brief few sentences summing up your last three relationships or dating experiences?
What programming did your mom instill in you regarding relationships, commitment, communication, and your body? What about your father?
What do you think your biggest blocks, limiting beliefs, and low self-worth are regarding relationships?

 I look forward to meeting you.  -Lacy Phillips