Unblocked is an ongoing bi-monthly, group clearing addressing and shifting deep-rooted blocks that are inhibiting our Manifestation subjects from materializing. I’ve created this offering for my community that seeks deeper, consistent, guided work - especially for those that aren't fortunate enough to work with me at this time. This series of clearings are comprised of the most frequent and largest blocks that I detect in my practice. They center on the blocks that 1/3 clients tend inhabit, which are keeping them from their realized manifestations.

Each clearing will address a new micro theme. Themes vary from: inner child work, co-dependency issues, lack, shadow self, abandonment, low self-worth, body image, limiting beliefs, heartache, and bringing a deeper awareness to clear energy.

My process of manifestation varies dramatically from the spiritual bypass, jargon that exists in common New Age literature. Sadly, Manifestation isn’t as easy as thinking and visualizing something into existence. My theory regarding The Universe is that its main intention is to assist us in becoming our most evolved versions of self. Therefore, the closer we get to becoming whole/integrated, the more we are rewarded with the subjects we’re calling in. So, the moment we cast our lists, expand our beliefs, and pass lessons and tests, The Universe can only send our manifestations if we’ve healed and shifted the blocks preventing us from the subject we’re calling in.

The gatherings will be incredibly ceremonial and restorative consisting of guided deep imaginings, rewiring our beliefs through neuroplacticity, energy work, cleansing, and new tools that help you dive much deeper, so that you can use and carry them through the rest of your life.

Announcing our next UNBLOCKED for October very soon! Stay tuned. 

*This gathering is dedicated to unblocking. Though we will touch briefly on how each theme is directly affecting certain aspects of Manifestation, this class won't cover the manifestation formula. For offerings dedicated to the process of manifestation, or more personalized work, you’ll want to look into my Manifestation Sessions and Workshops.

All sessions and events are final sale. Refunds not permitted.