Unblocked is an ongoing digital workshop addressing and shifting deep-rooted blocks that are inhibiting our Manifestation subjects from materializing. I’ve created this offering for my community that seeks deeper, consistent, guided work - especially for those that aren't fortunate enough to work with me at this time. This series of clearings are comprised of the most frequent, universal and largest blocks that I detect in my practice. They center on the blocks that 1/3 clients tend inhabit, which are keeping them from their realized manifestations.

Each clearing will address a new micro theme. Themes vary from: inner child work, co-dependency issues, lack, shadow self, abandonment, low self-worth, body image, limiting beliefs, heartache, and bringing a deeper awareness to clear energy.

My process of manifestation varies dramatically from the spiritual bypass, jargon that exists in common New Age literature. Sadly, Manifestation isn’t as easy as thinking and visualizing something into existence. My theory regarding The Universe is that its main intention is to assist us in becoming our most evolved versions of self. Therefore, the closer we get to becoming whole/integrated, the more we are rewarded with the subjects we’re calling in. So, the moment we cast our lists, expand our beliefs, and pass lessons and tests, The Universe can only send our manifestations if we’ve healed and shifted the blocks preventing us from the subject we’re calling in.


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Reparenting Your Inner Child and Adolescent Self

In order to brighten our magnetic projection

October 9th | $58

I’m yet to meet a client that doesn’t have some form of gap in self-esteem from childhood and their adolescent years due to societal programming, parent modeling, peer pressure, media, bullying, or dysfunctional relationships. This is going to be one of the most important and universal group clearings I lead Manifestors through. Unlike other inner-child work that exists out there, this will be an eight-day workshop solely centered on filling in the biggest gaps that create limiting beliefs, lack, and dimmed magnetism. Each day will target the eight phases in our childhood and adolescent lives that are crucial.

this workshop begins Monday October 9th. Each daily post goes live at 12a PST so that NYC and Europe can still reach it in the morning. You do it from the comfort of your own computer, at your own schedule and pace. You will have access until November 30th to complete it


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Opulence • Money

expanding and lifting your glass ceiling

5 days | December 4th | $58

There are three components that decipher money and how much you are attracting. Beliefs, expansion, and worth. So, you won’t be surprised to hear me tell you that money is all energetics. Yep! It’s simply energy. Therefore, it flows based on the structure of beliefs you grew up with, to how much you have showed your subconscious that you can expand into, to how worthy you believe you are on a subconscious level. You will learn how to show your subconscious what is possible financially for you by expanding your structure of beliefs. You will discover deeply unconscious root limiting beliefs to gain clarity as to what you are truly projecting regarding your worthiness towards money. Then you'll learn how to reprogram your beliefs so as to project deserving abundance. Lastly, You'll also learn the other little tidbits that are blocking your energetic money flow such as relying on money from others and much more. 

This 5 day workshop begins Monday December 4th. Each daily post goes live at 12a PST so that NYC and Europe can still reach it in the morning. You do it from the comfort of your own computer, at your own schedule and pace. You will have access until January 4th to complete it.

Previous unblockers

That was really cool, that was some awesome tunnelling in to my self. I definitely got to the core of some blocks. Was so cool to see what memories came up that impressed these blocked ways of thinking upon my self.
I have gained clarity on this stuff quite a bit over the last ten years but never from this perspective and not with the stream of high school memories that I just received, I feel really clean and clear.
Very awesome, thanks Lacy ya mega babe xoxox
— unblocker

I am from Norway but have lived in London for 8 years, first studying to become a photographic artist and the past two years sharing a studio with my partner whilst making our art and trying to pay the bills at the same time. For the past six years I have been yearning to go back home to Norway, to a quieter life close to nature but I have been pushing that aside so that we could take advantage of London as an international art hub. But lately my highly sensitive self has been screaming that it needs to return home. Me and my partner had decided that after one more year we would try and live in Norway, so I felt that I could manage it, as I didn’t want to push him to move before he was ready.

I was so excited to start the NO workshop with you and after the first deep imaging it was so incredibly clear to me that my successful self was surrounded by nature and the sea in Norway and was far far away from the stressful life that is London. A few days after I had finished day 3 of the workshop the most incredible thing happened, my partner came and told me that he was ready to move to Norway and that our mutual boss had informed him that there was only 3 more weeks of work left for me! We made the decision the same day and we are now moving to Bergen in two weeks! My heart is so full, and words really can’t describe how I feel right now. So thank you again for facilitating this process.
— unblocker

It felt like a huge light switch just flipped on and like I can suddenly see the potential of a whole other self—that these ways I’ve defined myself for so long really having nothing whatsoever to do with my core essence and were simply the projections of others. It seems so obvious now but it’s quite transformational to bring that realization up into consciousness.
— unblocker

Wo—this was such a breakthrough! I have been trying to understand the troubled relationship dynamics I have with my roommate for months and I finally figured it out.
— unblocker

I hope this email finds you well! I’m gearing up to go through your recent unblocked class for the second time after manifesting the cutest loft apartment in Portland, THANK YOU!!

Discovered blocks closely weaved together even though they are all so different. Events/people that are blocks from my childhood can be linked to my current blocks of money/job/relationship. Huge a-ha moment for me!!
— unblocker

Hi Lacy!
Just finished the Unblocked course and whoa! Major breakthroughs and shifts happening. I’m so grateful this happened now.
— unblocker

OMG...this was so illuminating...as mentioned in the other posts, it was definitely a tunneling exercise in while a lot of memories and experiences came bubbling back up to the surface. The more I wrote, the more they came! Realized that my blocks around success and abundance.
— unblocker

So emotional and so scary! But loved every minute of it. Got out so much I didn’t even know I had. Thank you!!
— unblocker

Wow Lacy, that was so powerful! SO many tears, and lots of forgiveness and apologies. Thank you! x
— unblocker

Lace! That was gorgeous and deep. So glad I’m doing this. Unnerving, strange, and new. Yes, yes, yes. SO much love.
— unblocker

*This gathering is dedicated to unblocking. Though we will touch briefly on how each theme is directly affecting certain aspects of Manifestation, this class won't cover the manifestation formula. For offerings dedicated to the process of manifestation, or more personalized work, you’ll want to look into my Manifestation Sessions and Workshops.

All sessions and events are final sale. Refunds not permitted.